Urban Electric E-Bikes | More Than Mileage
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More Than Mileage

It's easy to look at the advantage of electric bike savings, fun, and simplicity - however, it's more than mileage.

Transportation evolution can be measured by transportation efficiency. One of the most common measures of efficiency comes through “miles per gallon”. This indicator of efficiency measures how far a vehicle will travel per gallon of fuel. At Urban Electric we believe that in some cases, the consideration of efficiency and benefit to society is more than mileage. In urban environments where congestion is a daily occurrence, even small gas cars and scooters that get excellent “mileage” will still cause the smell, smoke, and noise that is associated with gasoline powered vehicles. Having quiet, electric bikes eliminates the smell, smoke and noise of the daily transportation. No burning gas, no dripping oil, no loud revving motor scooters. You also get the added benefit of easy bike parking, no need for motorcycle license or registration/insurance. The convenience and savings, the experience of an ebike, is much more than mileage.