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Discover the Potential of the Electric Bike

» peddle assist or full electric mode

» 20-30MPH, 20-25 miles per charge

» nearly silent, exhaust free riding

» simple to operate and convenient

» no license or registration needed

» sweat free, fun commuting

Featured Products


Introducing the Gen 2 Sparrow! All the simplicity and functionality of the previous model, but with an upgraded brake system and a higher watt motor. Fun colors include green, orange, and blue. Schedule a test drive today!


Questions about Batteries, Savings, or Anything Else?

It's one step at a time to make a change, and simply riding an ebike is taking a step forward towards better, safer solutions.

Future Prospect of E-power and Ebikes


Ebikes are already popular around the world and are gaining traction within the United States. They provide serious options for replacing modern vehicle transportation. With advances in Lithium batteries and more efficient motors, Urban Electric will be soon offering more advanced solutions for longer ranges and higher top speeds (for off road use).


To be fully stand alone, Urban Electric is currently working on solutions for home charging stations. These will be fully solar operated bases that will allow you to ride and charge via 100% solar power. Other electric vehicles will also be offered that will provide further utility, such as the 3-wheel utility trike that can haul hundreds of pounds and is suitable for agriculture, campus maintenance, and construction.


Just as past generations have changed transportation methods, our future will have more and more options. It is easy to imagine the surprise and objection to steam power and internal combustion engines as people transitioned from horse and carriage. Evolving from the use of the wheel to carts, carriages, steam engines, and now modern automobiles, people are always looking to advance the efficiency of transportation. Electric power is the next step. It’s one step at a time to make a change, and simply riding an ebike is taking a step forward to better, safer solutions.

Questions? Comments? Want to place an order?


We’d love to hear from you and discuss the ways an ebike can benefit your daily transportation needs! Our no-pressure sales reps would be happy to answer any questions you may have or assist you in purchasing the right model for needs. We offer free demo test drives by appointment.