Urban Electric E-Bikes | A True Transportation Solution
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A True Transportation Solution

Whether ridden for fun, convenience, or to save money on your daily commute, ebikes have a place for everyone.



Many people don’t consider an ebike to be a true solution for transportation. It is popular to opt for the bigger SUV, higher horsepower vehicles; however, an ebike has place for everybody. Not only are they viable options for replacing your car (see Savings), they can provide fun and convenient transportation. With modern advances in electric motors and batteries, our ebikes are powerful enough to carry you around town even in full electric, no peddle mode. They will ride along up to speeds of 20-30 miles per hour (depending on local laws) with minimal effort. Other than your ride is nearly silent, many people consider riding our bikes to be more like riding a small motorcycle or scooter. It’s a one of the most enjoyable experiences to hop on and silently ride around town with little or no peddling effort. Ebikes continue to surprise riders with the ease of operation and riding ability.

A Simple Transportation Solution


Ebikes are simple to operate. The traditional peddle style bikes have a power switch to select Peddle Assist or Motor only. Peddle assist will allow you to start and peddle with an added boost of electric power. Many riders find this not only fun but the simplest way to ride.


Urban Electric bikes are suitable for traditional and non-traditional riders. Our bikes have a key, security system, and regular riding conveniences (mirrors, lights, and turn signals). These bikes are powerful, and can be ridden 100% without peddles if desired. To operate, you simply turn on and throttle forward, peddling if you’d like. Silent, exhaust free cruising.



Urban Electric is changing the face of “ebikes”. While looking and riding more like a scooter/moped than a traditional bike, Our Gen 2 Sparrow can be ridden with electric power only (no peddling), and can also be powered by pedals only (what is a bike? see Legal). This gives those who are unsure about riding a bicycle the ability to enjoy a bike without being concerned about peddling. This is one of the main reasons people buy Urban Electric bikes – the ability to ride a bike and have the benefit of electric power. Most people don’t want to peddle miles to work and sit sweaty in an office. Urban Electric bikes give you the option to ride a fully electric power bike and show up to work, sweat free!