Urban Electric E-Bikes | Our Story
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Our Story

Isaac/Owner has been fascinated with Ebikes, starting with traditional pedal bikes to Electric mopeds etc etc. etc.. ? “I was the first to say that more horsepower the better. In some cases, it is!” But in many daily travels, like your commute, you don’t need much power to get back and forth. If anything, we are wasting money and energy with every mile driven in our cars. While living abroad in China, Isaac quickly learned the power and commonality of the electric bikes. At any intersection day or night, there are dozens of e bikes carrying people to and from work. Some loaded with hundreds of pounds of tools or supplies. Riding daily Isaac learned to true benefit of Ebikes in society. They are clean, quiet, and affordable! As more and more riders change to ebikes for commuting and transporation, it will begin a movement that can transform your community. Instead of clogged up intersections with loud or smelly motorcycles, and roadways with blaring horns from SUVs////// b;a bla bla