Urban Electric E-Bikes | Falcon
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The Falcon has the capability of a moped and the advantages of a bicycle

The Falcon pedal moped is a heavier-duty bike for the long range rider, or for someone who needs more storage space. It can be ridden in full peddle, full power, or peddle assist modes. Capable, reliable, simple, and sweat-free commuting. Download the owner’s manual here.



Motor: 750 Watt

Battery: 72 Volt, 20AH

Brake: F-Disc/R-Drum

Speed: 20-30 MPH depending on local laws

Range: 25-35 Miles



» lights

» mirrors

» turn signals

» front rack

» storage under the seat

» key and key fob

» security system

» twist throttle

All sales are final. Ride safely. Wear a helmet whenever you ride a bike. We provide support post sale, have spare parts on hand, and can help troubleshoot your bike in the event you need help. Please use our contact form for assistance.